NavChallenge Overview

This treasure hunt style event is open to teams of two (in certain circumstances we will allow solo competitors). Competitors are required to run or mountain bike the mapped area in search of strategically positioned checkpoints. Each of these checkpoints has been allocated a score based on the:

  • Distance between the event centre and the checkpoint (ie checkpoints that are located far from the event centre will be allocated a higher score than those that are located nearby).
  • Difficulty involved in reaching each checkpoint (ie checkpoints that are difficult to reach due to their location will be allocated higher scores eg checkpoints located at the top a hill or in a swampy marsh).


The objective is to run or ride as many of the checkpoints as possible and accumulate as high a score as possible within the 3 hour time limit. Competitors can visit checkpoints in any order. This makes strategy and route planning extremely important. The more time competitors spend planning their route and determining which checkpoints to visit/leave out, the better they are likely to fare. Competitors who exceed the time limit will be penalized for doing so on a sliding scale (refer to the rules for details).

Hikers, walkers, geocaches are welcome – they will fall in the trail running category.

At the registration table each team will be given:

  • a control card to get stamped at each checkpoint;
  • a map of the area showing the location of all checkpoints;
  • a start time.



Teams will not be in possession of the disclosure-card at this time. This means that competitors will not have the descriptions of each checkpoint and will not know how many points are allocated to each checkpoint; hence they will not be able to finalise their route yet. Teams will leave the start line at their group start time (at which point the clock starts ticking) and they will proceed to the disclosure-card area. Only upon receipt of the disclosure-card will teams be able to finalise their route to ensure that they accumulate as high a score as possible within the time limit.

For clarity sake, there is no set route as this is a navigation/orienteering event. Each team is required to plan their own route based on their speed and ability. Consequently, there will be no route marshals, no route markers and no water tables out in the field. Competitors are expected to be self-sufficient with regards to hydration and food. It is very difficult to estimate the distance that competitors will run or ride on the day as this is dependent upon the route that one takes and the speed at which you travel. Our best estimates are approximately:

  • 15km to 20km for runners; and
  • 40km to 50km for mountain bikers.


Be warned, we cannot be held to these distances it depends on your route selection.
The checkpoints will be located in such a way that, with proper planning, only the top teams will be able to reach each checkpoint and return to the event centre within the time limit.

RaceInterface>> always likes to throw in a bit of an extra challenge in each of our races to increase the adventure and fun with our “special stages”, be prepared for a little surprise

So whether you are a weekend rider or a racing snake, bring your partner and a lot of enthusiasm and let the race begin!


In an attempt to raise funds for our 2017 Beneficiary, you will be requested to obtain personal sponsors for each point that you score during The NavChallenge. The pledge form can be downloaded from our website. Please bring this with you to registration.

Next event

The next event takes place in late 2017 (date TBC) and the location is within 1 hour of Cape Town. Venue details will be published soon.

The fee is R220 per person and includes 3 hours of fun and adventure and a strict limitation on the number of entrants allowed, prizes to podium finishers and lucky draw prizes, and refreshments upon completion of the event.