Rules, event format and cost

The objective is to ride or run to as many of the checkpoints as possible and accumulate as high a score as possible within the time limit. Competitors can visit checkpoints in any order. Checkpoints are placed in such a manner that it will not be possible for the majority of competitors to reach all the checkpoints within the time limit so plan your route and stay within your level of ability.

  1. Start

At registration, teams will be given:

  • A race bib – each competitor will be given a race bib reflecting their team number to wear throughout the race.
  • A control card to punch at each checkpoint (See diagram A).
  • A map of the area showing the location of all checkpoints.
  • A list of the checkpoints applicable to their discipline (trail running or mountain biking)
  • Each team will be given a start time and a small group of teams will be set off in 5 minute intervals. In doing so, we limit the opportunity for teams to follow each other through the course.

Diagram A: Example of a control card

Just after the start, teams will receive their disclosure-cards, which reflect the score allocated to each checkpoint and a description of each checkpoint. Once teams have received these disclosure-cards they may not communicate with other teams that have not yet received their disclosure-cards. Teams may take as long as they like to plan their route.

Diagram B: Example of a disclosure-card

2. Self sufficient

There are no water tables or food stations on route. Teams must carry sufficient water and food for the duration of the event. You may purchase food and drink during the race. However, teams may not receive any form of help from friends or family not participating in the race (ie no seconding allowed).

3. Route

There is no set route. There may be no-go areas reflected on the map. Teams may not enter these no-go areas under any circumstances. Teams not complying will be disqualified.
Should you decide to travel on a road, you will be required to abide by the rules of the road.

4. Team Rule

Team members must remain in vocal contact throughout the event and visit checkpoints together and finish together.
There may be one or two checkpoints that require an activity. In such instance, if there are no competitors waiting, you may very often both perform the activity. However, if there are other teams, only one team member will be able to complete the activity in order to receive full points. If neither of you wish to perform the activity, you will be awarded reduced or zero points. Such checkpoints will be marshaled.

If either team member is unable to continue, his/her partner should assist him/her to safety or obtain assistance. Once the retired team member has reached a place of safety and reported to the marshals, the other team member may continue alone if he/she desires.

5. Mountain Bikers

Leaving your bike at any time other than at obvious obstacles such as water crossings or activities, will result in disqualification.
Certain checkpoints will be marshaled; mountain bikers arriving without their bike will be penalized.
Mountain bikers may not use paths clearly marked for hikers. Doing so will result in disqualification.

6. Checkpoints

Checkpoints can be visited in any order. Each checkpoint will have an orange orienteering punch (looks like a stapler from your office). Use this to punch the correct slot on the control card. If you punch the wrong box – you will not be credited with visiting that checkpoint.
Anyone found tampering with the checkpoints will be disqualified.

8. Finishing and scores

Upon arrival at the finish line, hand in the control card to the finish marshal. Competitors must also hand in their race number.
The race officials will tally up the team score and determine their overall position. The teams with the highest scores (in various categories) will be declared the winners. There will also be other prize categories.
The event duration is 3 hours for a NavChallenge but only 2 hours for a NavChallenge Lite . Teams arriving at the finish line after the cut-off will be penalized as follows:

Cut-off Exceeded by Penalty
1 min – 20 mins 2 points per minute
21 mins – 40 mins over 5 points per minute
41mins – 60 mins over 10 points per minute
Over 1 hour late Disqualified

NB: There will not be a sweeper.

9. Code of conduct
All competitors will be required to obey the rules/regulations or code of conduct as determined by the land owners who allow us access to their land for the race. Any such rules/regulation or code of conduct will be forwarded to all competitors prior to the race. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification.
Some general codes include:

  • Due to fire hazard, no smoking is allowed outside of the event centre during the event
  • No disposing of litter, waste or any foreign material other than in a designated bin.A map of the area showing the location of all checkpoints
  • No entering areas marked as no-go zones.

10. Spirit of the event

Any action considered to be against the spirit of the event will, at the race organizer’s sole discretion, result in disqualification.

What to bring?

Competitors are advised to bring the following (in addition to your normal running/riding kit):

  • Your sponsorship pledge form to hand in at registration.
  • A large ziplock bag or waterproof map bag to keep your map dry in the event of rain
  • A compass.
  • A cell phone and emergency number of race organizers (this will be given to you at the race briefing).
  • Sunblock/rain coat depending on the weather.
  • Map mounting board. We normally sell these for R100 at the event.


Age limit

You must be 16 years or older to participate in this event unless partnering a parent/guardian.



The 2015 race entry fee for the 3 hour event is R250 per person. Entry fees will be published for shorter/longer events.

The fee includes the following:

  • 3 hours of fun and adventure.
  • Strict limitation on the number of entrants allowed.
  • Prizes to podium finishers and lucky draw prizes.
  • Refreshments upon completion of the event.

Registration is only confirmed upon receipt of payment. Substitution will be allowed but details must be given at least 72 hours before the event.