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We plan each event as if it was for us, our friends and family to ensure that each event delivers on its promise. RaceInterface is an owner driven organization. 



Jody Baumgarten Dom Provoyeur

We utilize students from the various tertiary institutions in Cape Town for event support. This provides them with the opportunity to gain work experience and allows us to keep our ongoing expenses low.

How and Why
RaceInterface are facilitators of fun for individuals, teams and groups, comprising physical activity, adventure, curiosity and the greater good.

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RaceInterface (Pty) Ltd: 2016/493534/07

We are not VAT registered

Competitor queries: Dom +27 84 363 4104

Other queries: Jody +27 82 372 3311

email info@raceinterface.co.za | web www.raceinterface.co.za


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